The Classic Car Show has a wonderful history that is uniquely Western Australian.

From humble but enthusiastic beginnings, the show has always been driven by clubs and their passionate membership.

In 1969 five British motoring clubs came together in King’s Park, Perth to put on a combined display. 60 cars attended. The event was so successful that it was repeated again the following year, with more clubs attending. The event continued to grow until by the mid-1970s several hundred cars were attending. The coordination of a multi-club car show led to the formation of a coordinating body – the Combined Car Clubs (CMC).

The CMC has subsequently grown to become a representative body that liaises with government and the community on matters that affect the classic motoring community and the Classic Car Show has become THE major event on the motoring calendar. The show draws around 1000 vehicles of all types, representing the diversity and vibrancy of Perth’s motoring community. 2024 sees a new team taking the baton to continue the good work done by former organisers.

The revised event will be open to more clubs and cars than ever before, once again continuing to build on what is the greatest car show in Western Australia.